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Ye Clanchief's News and Brain Drippings for:
Friday, February 02, 2001

Sadness ensues...
Today I found out that Pyra, the company that gave us Blogger, laid off all of it's employees. True, there were only 5 of them, but those 5 people who once dared to dream of a truly interactive internet, took some 75,000 of us along for a magical flight among the stars. That's right, I said 5 people affected the lives of at least 75,000 other people in a very real and personal way. They gave us a tool to create a community. Sure, handcoding and editing your webpages is easy enough, but Blogger was never about coding. It was about people. It was about sharing your daily life and thoughts with far more people than you ever could physically. It was about touching others, rooting for the underdog, envisioning something more "human" coming out of all this recent technology and cynicism.

It was about time.

I know I'm not usually given to melancholy musings about people that I've never met in a company 3,000 miles away... but then again, maybe I am and I've just never shown it here. Maybe having been laid off as much as I have, I feel a certain amount of empathy for what they're going through. Maybe people's views change once they reach a certain age and place in life. Whatever the explanation, I do feel generally sadder, not because I may not have their free services much longer, but because I'm afraid the community they created will disintegrate. Some of you probably don't understand a word of what I'm saying, but for those of you that think you might all I can tell you is...

"Head for the second star from the right, and then straight on until morning."

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Ye Clanchief's News and Brain Drippings for:
Tuesday, January 30, 2001

Happy Birthday, Snipeyhead!!

Beauty is painThat's right, today is the birthday of that little, orange-haired, bundle of attitude, snarkiness and leather... Alison! The Webmistress to the Wenches! Kilt Checker Wannabe! The Snipe! The Bytch that Bytes! Rusty! The Booger Queen! The Leather Goddess! Aethelflaed! Southern Belle of Atlanta! Goddess of the Gravy Breakfast!

Okay, I'll stop now. *smirk* Besides, I think I pretty much sealed my fate after about the fourth title.

Only two things I'm going to mention today... The first being, that yes, I did find myself with too much time on my hands over the weekend and so, because nobody requested it, I present for your visual consumption... The Castle Sheep Pens! Exciting, huh? Well, maybe it's just me...

Point the second is that BlogVoices is back up! Wheeeee! Even if nobody ever posts any comments, *sniffle* I still like the idea that someone could. Maybe... someday.... anyone? Beuller?

For now though, I'm taking my sick (shoosh you Freaks, not that kind of sick) body to bed.

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So pack a lunch, bring a friend and enjoy your stay. As usual keep your head and arms inside of the car at all times, no running up and down the hallways with claymores and no bitching about the how long it takes or I'll turn this website around and we'll all just go home!



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