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Ye Clanchief's News and Brain Drippings for:
Saturday, January 27, 2001

"I Owe You Some Porn"

Our title today comes from a comment overheard at FaithyMoo's housewarming party. I don't know who said it, but for some reason it seemed to resonate through the house. Go figure. There was much foodage, including Bronxelf's Faboo-licious Crab Rangoon, drinkage and general silliness. It was a relatively sedate party, but then it is a brand new house and we were under strict orders not to be too... um, creative? while Faith's co-workers and clients were there. However, you know what they say... It isn't a party until someone turns the beige carpet green (this being caused by a small spillage of Sprite being wiped up with a green cocktail napkin... the green did come out, by the way. And no, it was my spillage.). I know, I know... you don't care about all that, you want just want to see the pictures from the MooHouse Party. Well, there ya go, you can quit yer bitchin' now. I know there's not a lot of them, but there were others in attendance with cameras... (casting a meaningful look into the ether)... and I'm sure that they will be posting them shortly. Until then, you'll just have to be satisfied with what I have.

Oh shoosh. You know what I meant.

Pink/Green Fleckstone PC

I also believe that I promised you a picture of my attempt at computer creativity. Shocking, I know, but the picture on the left is an example of what happens when I'm bored and armed with spray paint. For the record, the colors are Wild Strawberry and Forrest Verde. So there. Just be thankful I'm not a good enough artist to have painted it plaid.

The Sheep MonitorThe photo on the right is a picture is the Monimal Monitor Cover that Todd and Marcy gave me. You may also notice the Official Bronxelf Mousepad next to it. Speaking of sheepy type gifts, I have been the (blessed?) recipient of several different styles of sheep related products over the years and I've always wanted to put up a sort of "Sheep Gift Hall of Fame" page. I've actually got some pictures that I could use, but they're not of the best quality. Well, we'll see...

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Ye Clanchief's News and Brain Drippings for:
Friday, January 26, 2001

Latest News of Wrong:
  ~ "Damn. I was just taking a nap in my tub and the next thing I know I'm in a bodybag!" (link provided by Bradlands)

  ~ Fires, storms, earthquakes, power problems... I think Dar Williams was right. Southern California really does want to be Western New York.

  ~ I find it strangely kharmic that Nelson Rockefeller died the same day that the Duke's of Hazzard premiered on television.

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Grooooooaaaan.... I have the Headcold From Hell. I mention this only as my pathetic attempt at an excuse for not having the pictures up from the MooHouse of Faith. I didn't even pick them up from the store last night... just crawled into bed as soon as I got home. I hope to get them tonight, so look for them on Saturday.

Since I really can't think straight right now to come up with interesting tidbit for your consumption, I'll just point you to a few news items that I've found in the last week or so.

  ~ Transformers!... Robots in disguise.

  ~ They can have my porn when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers!

  ~ The Valentine's Day prezzie for the woman who has everything. (No honey, you don't have everything yet, so you won't be getting this... sorry. *g*)

  ~ "Oops! That wasn't a fart." I don't know about you, I think I'd rather take my chances with hairy palms and glasses... waitaminute. I already wear glasses! Nevermind.  (link provided by FaithyMoo)

  ~ Can you see Clint Eastwood as the spokesman for this product? "Go ahead, punk. Do the Dew." Well, maybe that's just cold medication talking...

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Ye Clanchief's News and Brain Drippings for:
Wednesday, January 24, 2001


So after all the work, sweat, cursing and shrimpfork-eyeball pokage in order to get all my javascript children to play nice together... BlogVoices gets yanked. Which means that I don't have to listen to your insipid.... um, I mean, I don't have the privilage of your incrediblely, insightful feedback to each and every one of my posts. I don't blame the guy who created it. He doesn't even work for Pyra (the company that owns Blogger, he's just a fan of the service. Naturally, it's the Evil Coporation, his ISP, that has said he can't run BlogVoices anymore. Eventually, he plans on releasing the code source, so it may come back eventually.

In Weekend News:
I'm sure you're all sitting on the edges of your seats, awaiting a report from the MooHouse of Faith. It's coming. Not that it's going to be especially long or anything, it's just that I want to get the pics back before I post about that. I should be able to pick them up Thursday night.

"But why so long, when there's a One-Hour Photo place on every corner, O Mighty MacDobhran??"

Well, my wee ones, because I'm still stuck using those stupid disposable cameras and my scanner isn't working. Hence, I have to wait a couple extra days in order to get the photos on a disk. Hopefully, at least before the next faire, I'll have acquired the long sought after Olympus D-460 Zoom camera. Oh then how the pics shall roll effortlessly.... ( I hope ).

P.S. And no, I don't know what's up with my stupid counter... it went from 800 something down to 0 a few days ago... oh well. I know who you are... and what you were doing last night... and with whom. hehehehe...

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Now go and visit all your old favorites like the clan sign-in page on the Clan Roster! (It works! It finally works!!) You can still see stories and pics while looking from the Watchtower, links to clan-fiendly websites in the Study, costume and weapon links in the Armoury and more. Someday soon, there will be fun with sheep and maybe a surprise or two. *g*

So pack a lunch, bring a friend and enjoy your stay. As usual keep your head and arms inside of the car at all times, no running up and down the hallways with claymores and no bitching about the how long it takes or I'll turn this website around and we'll all just go home!



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