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Ye Clanchief's News and Brain Drippings for:
Friday, January 19, 2001

Build your own!

Some of you may have seen the new Stor Troopers that have been sweeping the 'net. Aren't they cutest things? Now I must admit that I got the idea for putting the sheep in there from Psyche, who actually "sniffled" at me and claimed to have "tears welling up". Women! Anyway, I played around with it in Paint Shop Pro. I must have had some of that craftiness left in me. Can we all see the incredible potential for snarky fun inherent in this little piece of program?!? I thought you might.

Big weekend plans! It seems that one of our favorite Bedouin Bitches, FaithyMoo, (too bad she has a tattoo...) recently bought a wee cottage of her own and is foolishly allowing the Castle Ogres, among others, free access this weekend. Silly girl. But rest assured, there will be incriminating pictures of this and the faboo-lous Strawberry computer by the end of next week.

Not fast enough for you? Well, you could always buy me a new digital camera. I'm kinda leaning towards the Olympus D-460 Zoom. An early birthday prezzie, perhaps?? Oooo... and as long as we're making birthday lists, Bronxelf found flannel sheets with little sheep on them at Target. So who wants to get them for me? Anyone? Bueller? *sigh* I didn't think so...

P.S. After showing this to Elf, she insists that she simply must be the one to "enable my madness". So the Sleepy Sheep Sheets are covered... but we still have an opening for a digital camera!! *g*

~ posted at 7:19 PM

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Ye Clanchief's News and Brain Drippings for:
Thursday, January 18, 2001

I know, I know... but I got tired of the Neato-Torpedo-PopUp-Window-Thingy (tm) so I shifted around some furniture, cleaned off a couple bookcases and now you'll see the latest thoughts (no matter how stupid, benign or irrelevant) that pop into my head. Plus, I finally got all the javascripting to settle down and place nice-nice with each other.

Speaking of which... hopefully I should be back online tonight. Not that any of you missed me last night, but I had to shut off the old magic box because, for some unknown reason, I was feeling crafty this week. No, I don't mean my usual craftie, as in exceedingly evil and snarky, but the more mundane and sedate type of crafty, as in what normal people who don't know ME would think when someone says the word "crafty". Anyway, since I was feeling all crafty, and coincidentally had a couple cans of spray paint laying around...

What?!?! Oh, I get it. You think I went out looking for an overpass to tag or a statue to deface or tried to paint barber pole stripes on the Washington Monument, don't you? Humphff.

Like I was saying before I was interrupted by your loving, cacophony of guffaws, I had a couple cans of spray paint and an idea that I'd been wanting to do for a while now. Not just any spray paint mind you, but Fleckstone paint. You know, that paint that has little flecks of stone in it and makes a lovely, touchable, stone surface out of an otherwise smooth, boring surface. The only problem is that I got them from a coseout sale at a Michael's craftstore a few years ago, so they weren't my first choice in colors. Armed with my trusty cans of compressed air and paint, I decided to attack my computer. The cover was easy since it could be removed completely from the PC, but the bezel (the frontplate with all the buttons and lights) couldn't be completely taken off. I had to tape and block that thing to near death before the beautification process could begin. I put three coats of paint on each and two coats of varnish, which should be nicely dried by the time I get home.

So if you see me online this evening, you'll know that all is well in Castle MacDobhran and I am gleefully pounding away on my keyboard which is attached to my new Wild Strawberry (pink) and Forrest Verde (green) computer. Pictures are coming...

~ posted at 4:50 PM

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So pack a lunch, bring a friend and enjoy your stay. As usual keep your head and arms inside of the car at all times, no running up and down the hallways with claymores and no bitching about the how long it takes or I'll turn this website around and we'll all just go home!



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