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House News

December 24, 2003

HOUSE UPDATE (12/24/03): Merry Christmas everyone. We got a little bit of good news as a present this year.

As most of you know, Celly's house has been on the market since September. Well, over Thanksgiving weekend we had a couple come by twice and then make an offer the following week. Celly went back with a counter offer and they accepted it. Yay! They are already pre-approved for a loan so that's good.

Then last weekend was the house inspection and there are NO (zero, none, nada, zippo) repairs that have to be done on the house. I guess all that work we did this past summer was worth it. The next step is the appraisal. Karen is pretty certain the house will appraise for at least the asking price. Then comes the closing on January 30th which also happens to be Karen's birthday. Hopefully she'll have a GOOD birthday and closing will happen without any fuss.

In other news, Karen's work just recently changed their policies and now they aren't allowing anyone to telecommute. So she is job-hunting, slowly right now, but that will change after the holidays. As soon as she can find a job up here, we'll pounce on a house and move.

Yeah, I know it won't be quite that simplistic but work with me here people.

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