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My kingdom for some sausage gravy

November 11, 2003

Saturday morning, while in NC, I wanted breakfast. Now I didn't just want any breakfast, I wanted sausage gavy and bisquits. Sadly, Celly didn't have the fixin's for sausage gravy and she wasn't about to let me stink up her house with charred animal flesh. Before you har-rumphff and sputter yourself to death you have to remember that her house is up for sale and despite my completely logical assurances that cooked sausage is indeed a very homey smell, she wasn't buying it. So I ventured out into the bustling metropolis of Mebane in search of the day's first meal.

Unsure of where to procure such an epicurean delight, I first tried Bojangles. However they had a tour bus in the parking lot and the drive through line was about 15 cars long. Since I had to consume my un-homelike smelling food outside of the home, I decided to go elsewhere. Next I tried a Bisquitville figuring that since they had half of my quest in their name they might be able to supply the other half. Again I was foiled by long lines and a full parking lot. Apparently Saturday breakfast is a thriving business in Mebane. Who knew?

Desparate and hallucinating from lack of substance I pulled into a Waffle House parking lot that didn't look to be overly crowded. I found an empty booth and proceeded to scour the laminated menu for the god's feast I sought. Damn. No sausage gravy and bisquits to be had at Waffle House. I settled for a ham and cheese omelette with a side of sausage patties. While a tasty meal, it just wasn't the same.

On the way home, I stopped to get gas and Celly called me on my cellphone. She said a realtor had called and was coming by in a half hour to show the house. I quickly finished my business and went over to pick her up. We decided to head over to Burlington and hit some outlet stores. We fooled around (Down, perverts. Not like that.) in the Burlington Coat Factory trying on hats, sports coats and shirts. Then we went into some fabric store. Next we went into a Casual Male outlet. After a half hour of looking around, I spied a total impulse buy.

Big and tall sized Ralph Lauren Polo shirts. On sale! For $29.99. Wheeee! Not being what one might call flushed with cash, I could only afford one so I chose a lovely purple one in the appropriate size. And then I sang the "I've got a purple Polo shirt" song all the way home.

Saturday evening we headed into Raleigh to meet up with some of the locals. The plan was to hold a big table (actual several tables all pushed together, but you know what I mean) for the evening allowing people to come and go as they please. Lady Privy and Douglas were there when we arrived at 7:00 PM. Soon, Jayden and Clint showed up. We all ordered food and drinks from our waitress Sarah, who ruled. Later, several people including Don, Beth, Julie, Allejandro, Erin, and several others. Of couse none of this registered on me because of THE DRESS.

Deep red, velvet, tight with thin gold chains for straps. *THUD* Oh. My. God. It wasn't just a dress. It was an epic tale of desire, love, heartbreak, war, death, and resurrection sung by a choir of vestal virgins between the ages of 16 and 17 1/2. Jayden didn't just wear that dress, she wore the whole room. Sadly though, she and Clint had to leave early for some LARP thing.

Steve and Paula showed up later. We talked of houses, painting and landscaping. They told us about the Halloween party at their house (I think) that we missed. Then Miss E showed up and shared some of the 18 yr old scotch she ordered. By then it was getting pretty late so we said our good byes and headed home for the night.

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It's a nice night, for a... white wedding!

November 3, 2003

Well, it's official. Wee Nicole is a married woman. Naturally, Josh is a married man, but for some reason that doesn't make me as sad. *g* Pictures are here. Some of them are pretty out of focus because I kept changing the settings. I'm not really up on using this camera indoors yet.

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