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Paternal Pride

November 26, 2001

As I sit here at my desk listening to Beethoven and wondering what to put in this update, my eyes drift upwards to the shelf that holds several pictures of the Clanlad. I am constantly amazed that he is mine. What's more incredible is that he knows it and is proud of it! Let me tell you what I mean:

All week long, the Clanlad has been asking when we could start building his Pinewood Derby racecar. I told him we could as soon as I got it cut to the proper shape. (He finally decided, with a little help from me, that we'd make his racer look like a pirate ship. Hey, we should get points for originality if nothing else!)

I took the car "blank" with me this past weekend to North Carolina. On Saturday, Celly and I went to her sister and brother-in-law's house for lunch and so that I could play with their power tools. We had a lovely meal of Thanksgiving Day leftovers, then us menfolk meandered out into the garage to shape wood. We marked the basic ship's design, then cut it with a jigsaw and chiseled away the excess wood. It's no Spanish galleon, but hopefully with some sanding and paint it will eventually resemble a sea-going craft.

Anyway, when I got home Sunday evening, the first thing the Clanlad asks about is his race car. I tell him that yes, I did get it cut and no, we aren't going to work on at the moment. He dutifully inspected the block of wood, turning it this way and that in his little hands, and pronounced it suitable. Then he ran upstairs and I could hear him excitedly explaining to his grandmother how his daddy had cut the wood for his racecar and how we were going to work on tomorrow. My mother later told me that all he talked about the whole time I was gone was how "his daddy was going to cut his racecar" and how "his daddy was going to help him build it when he got back".

My heart almost burst with paternal pride.

Now if we can just get the damn thing to make it down the track without flipping over...

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Boobies, Boats and More Boobies

November 22, 2001

Since I'm going to be in NC this weekend, I figured I'd share some pictures that I've taken over the last couple of weeks. I don't have enough to warrant creating a full page.

A couple weeks ago I attended Nikki's birthday party. This particular shot was right after Vanessa had flashed me. Unfortunately I didn't get the camera out quickly enough and she refused to do a repeat performance. *sigh* But at least I can say, "I saw them! I saw them!" *eg*

Then one Sunday, I met up with Captain Keltik, Sunni and her mother in Annapolis and we all toured the Pride of Baltimore II. We talked to one of the reenactors for quite awhile and then went off to forage for food and explore the rest of Old Town Annapolis. This is also the day that I spent entirely too much money on t-shirts and models. One of the models I bought was of an unassembled pirate ship. I'm currently putting that one together. The other was of a pirate ship already assembled.

I also forgot to mention that I've signed up to walk in the Avon 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer. I had thought about doing it last year, but didn't find out about it with enough time to prepare myself. I was also kinda worried about the whole bloodclot-in-the-leg thing.

This year, I feel that I've got enough time to get ready and I've cleared it with my doctor. I also took some time to check out the company that runs the walk. I wanted to make sure most of the money raised was actually going to for research and not lining a bunch of shareholder pockets. The ladies of Team Wench have graciously allowed me to join them instead of leaving me to train and walk on my own. I'm debating posting my training schedule so that you, my loyal readers, can keep me honest and on track. Although I'm not sure that I would be very responsive if asked about it ten times a day. *g* I'll think about it some,

Thankfully I have no stories of friends or relatives that have ever had to deal with breast cancer. I'm not walking for anyone specific. I'm walking because it's a good cause and it's high time I evened out my karma points. I'm also using it as a motivational tool for my own health.

Plus I figure that breasts have done so much for me over the years that it's time I gave something back to them. So to speak...

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Clanlad News

November 19, 2001

On Friday, the Clanlad went to his first Cub Scout Pack meeting. He has met with his Tiger Cub Den before. He's considered a Tiger Cub because of his age. But Friday was the first meeting of all the boys in all the age categories.

The meeting opened with some of the older boys carrying in the flags. Then everyone said the pledges and sang the National Anthem. The Scoutmaster told some really bad jokes, made some announcements and the finally got around to giving out the awards.

The sound of cameras opening was greater than that of a hundred swords being drawn. From behind the rows of blue, tan, and orange shirts came a parental militia ready to honor their offspring. I, of course, was at the vanguard of this ritual advance with my digital weapon primed and ready for action. Hoo-YAH!

Once all the badges, patches and beads had been handed out (he got three beads and his Tiger Cub Paw) there was a cake raffle. They had about 15 cakes and it took another hour to call out all the numbers. Unfortunately we didn't win any but then we only bought four tickets. And damn, some of those cakes looked really good too! Next time I think I'm gonna drop a twenty.

We also picked up his kit to make his Pinewood Derby racecar for the races in February. Naturally he wanted to build it as soon as we got home. Then he woke me up at oh-migod-it's-early o'clock on Saturday and Sunday wanting to make his racecar. I think he finally got the message after the 24th time I said, "No, we're not building the racecar right now. It has to be cut first. Before we cut it, you have to decide on what you want it to look like when we're done."

*sigh* I swear that boy gets his listening skills from his mother.

On Sunday morning at around 4:30 A.M. I dragged my butt out of a warm bed, got dressed, and then woke the Clanlad up and got him dressed. The purpose for all this predawn activity? Why the Leonoids, of course!

In case you didn't know the Leonoids occur every year when the earth passes through the tail of a comet. The reason that this year's was supposed to be so good is that the earth is passing through the thickest part of the comet's tail (an event that only happens about once every 35 years or so) so there is more space debris that usual, therefore more visible meteors.

The Clanlad was very excited about seeing them, especially since he has recently developed an interest in astronomy. We stood outside on the back porch and froze for about a half hour. We probably saw about 50 meteors before we retreated to the warmth of our beds.

And wouldn't you know it? I completely forgot to make a wish on any of them. Damnit.

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Birthday Wishes

November 18, 2001

Happy Birthday, WenchLisa!

Yesterday, Saturday, was WenchLisa's birthday! Okay, so I'm a day late in posting my good wishes. I mean I knew it was on Saturday and I had even talked to the eldest spawn about it on Friday. I heard she was supposed to get out of the house for awhile and then get taken out to dinner. I meant to call on Saturday but I slept late and then got distracted with projects around the house. I'm sure she knows that I was thinking of her and I hope she enjoyed her day out. I went shopping for her present earlier this week, but I was met with a string of blank stares by store clerks all over the greater DC area.

"LP? What's an LP? And what the hell are Doobie Brothers?!"

I am so dead.

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I'm not dead yet!

November 16, 2001

Wow, has it really been two weeks since I last updated this thing? *ducking and covering from the resounding "YES!"* Wellalrightythen...

Hmmm lessee, two weeks ago I made a quick run down to North Carolina to visit my sweetie, Celly. We even managed to put clothing on long enough for a quick trip over to Charlotte for the AFR Invasion of Carolina Renaissance Festival. (Oh shoosh, like you weren't expecting me to say something like that... *g*)

CRF was just as small as I remember it being. They did add a few more booths but most everything else is just as I remember. We arrived about 2:30pm and almost immediately ran into Renfoole, justLori and Flame. (Hmmm.... I think I need to just have stock pictures of everyone I refer to in my updates. So don't be surprised if I ask you for a good headshot next season. That's a photography term by the way, you perverts. *g*)

Anyway, Celly and I proceeded to wander and shop. We decided to forego seeing any shows, and instead visit every vendor we could. We were even serenaded while sitting on a bench eating lunch! We were stopped often by smiling faces -- most of them having recognized Celly from NCRF. I hadn't been to CRF since 1998 and NCRF since 1999 so it was an interesting experience being a virtual newbie.

Workwise, the next two weeks were very busy. Two of our people were in Cuba which gave me some overtime, but also meant I had to do the work of two people. They should both be back on Monday, so hopefully I can find time to post more regularly. Today, of course, has been extremely slow which is why I have time to post this. *g* It's all those people taking next week off, no doubt.

Another reason that I haven't posted much recently is the fact that I've become a pirate. Oh excuse me, that should read privateer. *g* That's right boys and girls... more garb!

I first saw Lars' new guild the week before I went to NC. I thought about it, but I knew I didn't want to be the captain of a ship. Then Keltik stepped up and created the Three Ravens. I took some time to consider all the possible options and positions aboard a 17th century sailing vessal (okay, so Ani suggested it and I just jumped in with both feet. :p ) and decided that the boatswain, or bosun, best fit my unique personality.

Oh alright, so I just like the word "bosun" and I really dig that little whistle thingy that they get to blow.

Really. Honest. The disciplinary requirements of the job had nothing to do with it.


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Poll: Kilt or Tights?

November 1, 2001

Okay, so I'm having this discussion on AIM the other night and the comment is made that I look better in tights than a kilt. Well naturally, this shocks me greatly. So I ask someone else and another vote for tights is cast. I'm amazed at this revelation! I had no choice but to check my Buddy List and find someone else to ask. At the time there was only one other person online who had seen me in both. BAM! The first vote for the kilt. My equilibrium shifts and my self-image comes back into focus. Except that now I'm curious.

Don't worry, I'll still wear both. I know I'm a sexy bitch! Ye-ay, Ba-by! (Sorry, Austin Powers moment.) Anyway I'm curious now about what the marvelous lasses think. Not about tights versus kilts in general, but specifically about ME. *focusonGareth, focusonGareth* You see, I first wore tights for the 2000 MDRF Invasion for the shock value. Since I was so well known for wearing kilts, I decided to shake things up a bit. Now I wear them sometimes just because they're easier to put on, but I've never really considered myself a "tights guy". This is where you, my lovely faithful female readers, come into play. Which looks better on me, tights or kilt? Or do you have another suggestion for garb? Nobles? Turks? Muddy, plague-infested begger? Inquiring minds want to know... so vote now by clicking on the "What's your 2 pence?" link on the right.

Click me! Click me! No, Click me! Click me!

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