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September 30, 2003

Well, I had my final crowns put on two of my teeth today. Ow. It didn't take long but he must have poked something he shouldn't have.... (I'll wait until you stop laughing) because my gums HURT! So I left work early and came home. Now I've eaten something and taken some percacet, I'll be toddling off to bed.

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Yarr! Ye be a pretty wench!

September 21, 2003

Pirate weekend has come and gone. The Corsairs graced us with their harmonious... er, harmonies. Naturally the Wenches welcomed them in their own unique fashion.


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MDRF: Weekend the Fourth

September 14, 2003

Well, I'm too tired to write a full on review but here are some pics from this past weekend. Enjoy!

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Home Is Where The Heart Is

September 10, 2003

This past weekend Celly and I went to WV again so that we could meet with a real estate agent. She showed us about 5 different houses and we immediately ruled out the first two due to location. The third was nice but a little bigger than we really need. The fourth was more our size and we immediately started landscaping and decorating in our heads. Plus it had a hottub, baby! The last house we saw was the gem of the day (and hopefully it will still be available when we're ready to buy!). Pictures are here. (Starting below the viewing window)

In other house news, Celly stayed home from work today to work with a professional house-cleaner. Think about her while you're sitting in front of the PC today. She's been working hard. The house is scheduled to go on the market Thursday. Yay!

In still other house news, I just heard that Lisa and John (who both ROCK! by the way) have settled on both houses and should be all moved in (although probably still in the cardboard jungle) to their new home. Double Yay!

The only other news I can think of right now is that Celly and I will be at MDRF this weekend. Probably all the weekends for the rest of the month (so that her house can be shown) but October is kind of up in the air. Wsh us luck!

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