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Not Ready

August 25, 2003

And then on Saturday, there was Faire. Was it good and wonderful? Eh. Not really. I'm not ready for Faire to start. It just feels different this year. Mostly because we're in the middle of trying to move and I find it hard to concentrate or get excited about anything else until that's done. Celly has been working very hard on the house almost every day for the last two months so she sees faire as a sort of mini-vacation. Since I don't get to work on the house (and ultimately towards the goal of moving) until weekends, any weekend that takes away from that goal isn't good.

Which is why I won't be be back to MDRF for the next two weekends. Next weekend I'm going to try and go down to NC for what we hope is the final weekend of cleaning and painting. Then the following weekend, Celly and I will be going back to WV to hopefully look at some actual houses that are for sale.

I'm sure most people noticed it so I spent most of the time walking around with the Clanlad so that I would be away from everyone. Celly understood my feelings and I tried not to be too much of a wet blanket but it was painfully obvious that I was just not in a playful mood all day.

Sunday I was fine though and we headed out early for WV. First I took her by my office so she'd have a rough idea as to where it was located. Then we drove out to Charles Town, WV and cruised through the neighborhoods just looking at the architecture. Finally we descended upon the palatial estate of Todd and The Marcy. We were gleefully greeted by baying beagles. Once Celly got the tour, we all headed out to Martinsburg.

I like the "feel" of Martinsburg better than that of Charles Town. Of course it was a nice 75 degree day and they had just had a "Biker Night" festival so there were a lot of motorcycles around. After being shown the "24 hour adult bookstore", various strip clubs and catching up on the local gossip, we went to visit a model home that I thought Celly might like. And she did indeed.

By the time we finished touring the model and driving around that particular neighborhood, it was time for us to head back. It took about 90 minutes to get home... and I didn't even achieve dimensional warping velocities like some people did this weekend.


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August 15, 2003

Well, Celly found a decent handydude (named Shannon) finally. Here, I'll put it in her own words:

  • "The missing and damaged tiles on the roof have been repaired/replaced.
  • The roof is now bleached an looks great. It almost looks new, which is great, because it's really due to be replaced. Unfortunately, the runoff now means that they have to pressure wash the siding again. This is after Gareth spent several hours last weekend pressure-washing the siding.
  • Also, the clorox and stuff they used to clean the roof has affected me in the house. I'm having some trouble breathing, I'm coughing, and rather light-headed. Tomorrow, they DILUTE their solution! ;^D
  • Shannon also tore the tileboard off the walls around my tub. It needed replacing, since the vinyl finish on the masonite was pealing off, allowing water to seep in. This has been a very stressful issue, since I didn't know whether he would have to replace the wallboard underneath and how big a project this was going to be. Luckily, the tileboard came off pretty easily and he just needs to sand the walls before putting up the new tileboard. He thought he'd finish it by EOD tomorrow. Otherwise, he'll have to finish it Wednesday afternoon, when he gets back from Chicago. You can't imagine what a relief this is to only pay a few hundred dollars rather than a few thousand! It will make such a difference!
There's still a lot more to do, but most of the work that Shannon will be doing is glazing and painting windows and painting door jambs and shutters."

Of course she also said, "He's efficient, trustworthy, and very nice. Yeah, he's cute and has really nice eyes, too! *eg*". So naturally he will be fired.

We've got a lot of work to do ourselves this weekend. Besides going to her nephew's 13 birthday pool party, we have to wash all the interior walls, shampoo the carpet and carry the leftovers from the yard sale to a Good Will store. Another busy weekend, I can't wait until Faire starts.

Yesterday I had two root canals done. It wasn't too bad -- fairly painful a couple times -- and the doc did a buildup for a couple crowns. I go back in a month to have the molds made and then three weeks after that I have the permanent ones put on. Gah... three months. I just hope Celly is up here by then. *sigh*

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Bigfoot is an alien

August 12, 2003

I'm having a hard time keeping up with posting, aren't I? Like I said, things are a little hectic right now. But, today seemed like a good day to update you on all the goings on. That are going. On.

This past weekend I powerwashed Celly's house. Celly continued her neverending quest to organize her music. (Lemme tell ya... singers have a LOT of music!) We also moved some furniture around to make up for the loss of the couch that she sold. Now if she can just find a decent handyman to fix the roof and bathroom, we'll be set.

A couple of weeks ago we went to New York by the way of New Jersey to attend the nuptuals of Bronxelf and MaspienMike. It was hot -- as one would expect in the Bronx in the summer -- but tolerable. The ceremony was short and the reception rocked. The bride was resplendent and the groom was dashing. You can see some pictures here. Unfortunately in my rush to leave the house, I ended up forgetting my digital camera. A quick stop by a 7-11 procured me a brand new Kodak though.

Wednesday I go in to have two root canals done. I am less than thrilled. However, it's necessary so that I can get crowns so I'll deal with it. Before I go to the land of happy novocaine let me as you this, are you down with Busey? I'm with Busey.

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