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Weekend excitement

June 29, 2002

So today I filled up the plastic Wal-Mart pool in the backyard. The Clanlad had a friend of his from school come over and they spent the afternoon squealing and splashing about. I, in the great history of parents everywhere, sat in a chair and read a book.

I have also been laboring to create a pin for those fortunate souls who supported me financially in the Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk. I've got a couple of designs I'm trying to work out and you can be sure I'll post a picture of the final product. If you see someone wearing it, be sure and thank them for their support.

Tonight I'll probably be cleaning up the downstairs (toys and stuff) and doing laundry. Ahhh, the excitement of the Clanchief's weekend. Jealous?

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Her Name Was A Prayer

June 28, 2002

Her name was a prayer:
Live, Little One, Live.

She was small
She had long fingers and toes
She had dark short hair
Her feet were ticklish
And she fought.
Oh, how she fought

She was loved by hundreds, but was met by only a few.
Her Mother and Father packed a lifetime of love
Into a seven short days.

She was too young to have fingernails.
She was too young to breathe on her own.
She was too young to have met the world and all the people who loved and prayed for her.

But she was old enough to have met her Grandmother
Old enough to have a pet name: Vivi
Old enough to be considered a diva by the
doctors, nurses, surgeons and technicians
Who cared and cried and loved her.

Her mother.
Her father.
Tasted the sweetness of complete love for their child
Clung to each other in the joy and the fear.
Saw the face of her father in Vivi’s tiny little features.
Hoped and despaired in the same moment.
Cried and cried and cried.

She was born in a thunderstorm.
She passed from this world as the heaven wept.
One week she lived.
A lifetime of love she carried with her.

Vivi. Viviana. We loved you unseen.
Chrissy and Geoff… we love you, now and forever.

~ Ani Moore MacDobhran

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June 27, 2002


Viviana's Second Surgery

June 26, 2002

I just got word that BabyViviana is going in for another surgery. Since she was placed back on the (high speed) jet ventilator yesterday, her blood chemistry is changing. She's not able to get rid of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) quickly enough. There is also concern that the cyst in her right lung is expanding. The doctors feel that there is no choice but to try and remove the cyst. This is a very complicated and delicate procedure because of her size and condition. The surgery will take about 3 hours.

Viviana is one week old and this is her second surgery in 72 hours. The prognosis is hopeful but not good. Sunni and Geoff have been told to prepare themselves for anything.

Please pray. I don't care to whom or what. Sacrifice a chicken, scream into the sky or bow your head just please send as much positive energy as you can to Viviana Jean in Georgetown Hospital.

I have also been asked that nobody try and contact them. This is an incrediblely stressful and trying time for Sunni and Geoff. At the core, they are very private people. While they appreciate all the love and concern more than they can express; they feel that they need all of their energy to support Viviana.

They will contact someone when they have something to report. If you question in your mind whether or not this applies to you, it does. Please respect their decision and their personal space. If you feel the need to express anything, feel free to email me at and I will try to get the messages to the parents ASAP.

Thank you.

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BabyViviana Update

June 25, 2002

Once again, the lovely Ani had lunch with Geoff and Sunni. She had the following to report:

"We're come to a flat spot on the rollercoaster. They put the baby back on the jet ventilator today. When they did the surgery Sunday night, they drained a lot of fluid out of the baby's abdomen leaving a "hole". Since the body doesn't like a vacuum, it started to fill up with fluid (lymph probably) and that caused more pressure on the lungs which started to compress them again. So they put Viv back on the stronger jet ventilator to keep her lungs inflated. Which it is doing very well. This is, apparently, a normal course of events for abdominal surgery. There is a "honeymoon" period where there is rapid improvement, followed by a plateauing effect where some of the progress is lessened, but the doctors have been keeping Sunni and Geoff informed. They are leaving the hospital this evening, and Sunni plans on returning tomorrow sometime to sit with Viviana. So basically they're back to a "wait and see" mode."

The Baby Journal will probably be updated tonight with more details.

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Spawn of Sunni Update

June 24, 2002

I just got good news from Macquire that Viviana had surgery yesterday afternoon. I don't know what happened that made it necessary but it explains why I haven't heard anything from Sunni since Saturday. They managed to stop the bleeding in her stomach (it was a leaking vein) and they removed the bloodclot in her left lung that was part of the blockage. The lower part of her left lung is inflating properly now and part of the adominal puffiness is gone. They still can't stop the non-blood fluid, but they think it's lymph that's being forced out by one of the tumors. They'll attack the tumors once she gets stronger, but everyone is pleased that they have made some progress.

Viviana was on 100% oxygen on Friday but they've weaned her down to 26%. She does have a little bit of an infection but the doctors didn't seem worried (they added an antibiotic to one of her IVs). The doctors expected it because of all the openings in her body for tubes and then the surgery. She's still fighting though so keep those good thoughts and prayers coming!

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Ani's news: Ani had lunch today with Geoff and Sunni. It was Sunni's first meal outside of the hospital in three weeks. The parents are in good spirits and on an "upswing in this rollercoaster". There is no real change in Viv's condition.

Geoff rented an electric breast pump for Sunni to use. Even though Viviana can't take the milk now, the hospital will store it for when she can. If anyone would like to contribute to the rental fee, please Paypal Julie at jkjacobs at earthlink dot net.

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Birthdays and Babies

June 24, 2002

So Saturday was the Big Birthday Blowout for our own Captain Keltique. Celly and I had a lot of fun. I know she enjoys getting to know everyone and I enjoy showing her off. Plus y'know there were plenty of Wenches there so that always makes for a good time for the Clanchief.

When we arrived, Keltik was already bodice deep into the opening of her presents. I noticed that she did this with a combination of fear, excitement and wariness born of years of Rennie association. Celly and I quickly loaded up on food, added our prezzie to the pile and quietly sat back in our lawn chairs to watch the spectacle. This year's theme was more piratical than last year so there weren't quite as many battery-operated devices present.

After Keltik got done with her booty (Hehehe... I said "booty".) everyone just sort of drifted about in small pockets socializing. At some point I finally remembered that I had a camera and started to taking pictures. One of these days I'll learn to take more than a dozen pictures in 6 hours.

Oh, speaking of pictures, we did manage to see the wedding pictures for Cyd and Joe. Liz and Tom also had pictures from their wedding and even some from their honeymoon in New Orleans. I was really impressed with the black and white photos from Liz's photographer. Wow... counting Faith's wedding that's three that I know about so far this year. Then Marcy and Todd get engaged. *sigh* Wenches are getting snapped up like they're on sale! Good thing I got mine early. As a wise man once said, "Shop smart, shop S-Mart".

We also heard some news about the Spawn of Sunni but see the above post for the most recent details. Ken and Julie brought little Aidan with them so he got loved on by all the females present. Not that he isn't a perfectly lovable baby in his own right, but I think at least some of the baby-holders gave him extra lovin' for the baby missing from our midst. He didn't complain -- would you?

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Welcome Viviana!

June 20, 2002

Most of you have probably heard the announcement already but here is the information on Sunni's baby girl. This information was gathered from Maguire and Ani Moore.

Viviana Jean The' was born today June 19, 2002 at 12:32 PM via C-Section. She was 5lbs 8oz at birth and has dark, curly hair. She appears to be long limbed (no actual measurement given, but Sunni guesstimated her at 15") and has all the requisite fingers and toes. Her color is good and she is a wiggler. It was also noted that wee Viviana grasped her parents fingers.

Viviana was immediately put into NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at Georgetown Hospital and intibated. The next 48 hours are critical but she appears to be doing well. She may have to stay in NICU two weeks or more. Sunni could be discharged in as little as four day from now.

Here are the details right now - I hope I get this right:
Viviana is beautiful (of course) and Sunni says she looks like Geoff... they got to see her and she gripped Sunni's finger when they wheeled Sunni's bed over so that mom and babe could meet. Ani was there (good timing lady!) and can share more about that stuff! Viviana is still in critical condition. She weighed 5 1/2 pounds at birth but a large amount of that is fluid. The team of doctors (Sunni says there were at least 10 docs there when she went to see her daughter) drained over 10 ounces of fluid from her stomach but it has returned. The fluid has blood in it and they can't determine the source of the blood - they sonogrammed her spleen and liver to see if either was bleeding but both seemed fine. One lung is fine, the other has blockage. The doctors can't tell if the blockage is inside or outside of the lung and won't be able to tell until they can do a CT Scan... which they can't do until she can be put on a regular respirator. If the blockage is outside the lung it may be a tumor called a teratoma (these are usually benign) and at least the doctors know how to handle that. Everything that is wrong with Viviana is a medical mystery right now... the doctors don't know where to start and haven't let Sunni and Geoff forget that they may still have to say good-bye to their little one... keep that good vibe flowing folks!

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Catch Up

June 18, 2002

Jeez, where does the time go? I swear I just posted an update a couple days ago but as some of you have graciously pointed out, it's been quite a while. Let's see if I can remember what has happened over the last couple of weeks.

Work has been really busy. I'm still way, way, way behind on my personal schedule of computer certifications. This was brought to the forefront by my recent performance review. I did alright, maybe a little better than average, but not as well as I would like. They're changing the review schedule (again!) so that everyone will get their reviews around the anniversary of their hire date. This means I'm going to be having another one in October. I consider this a "good thing" because it gives me three and a half months to show some real improvement. I know, gentle reader, but even I could stand some improvement. A little bit anyway.

I finally got in touch with the booth from NCRF that wanted to sell my sheep pins. They've been so busy with shows that they haven't had time to think much on the specifics. I told them that was fine and to give me a shout when they were ready. In the meantime I'm working on the Pirate Sheep pins for myself. I've also got two or three dc-otters that have expressed interest in having pins made. Wow, this hobby is turning out to be like actual work!

I did indeed attend Celly's recital as planned. She sang beautifully and looked spec-tacular! I wish I had better pictures of the performance but I was trying to be subtle (shoosh!) so I wouldn't distract her and they all came out blurry. The pictures of the flowers came out good though.

It was a week for song because earlier that same week, the Clanlad's school had an open house of sorts for the end of the school year. Of course I told you about that last time but you haven't seen the pictures. These are only a little fuzzy. Once he noticed the camera, he became a little more active. Ahhh, the memories of the presentations in an elementary school gymnasium.

In other news, you can check here for the latest Sunni update. There's a little bit more concern now than there was last week after the surgerical procedure. *sigh*

To end this post on an up note, I refer you to Todd's site. Looks like he's finally going to make an honest woman out of our young Marcy. They are still disgustingly lovey-dovey and fawn over each other constantly. No matter what exotic locales I offer to spirit Marcy away to, she wants to stay with Todd. Women! Seriously though, I don't know when I've seen a more perfect match. Um... well except for Celly and I, of course. Hehehehe...

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Singing Baby Diva Trees

June 6, 2002

This morning I went to the Clanlad's elementary school gym for a presentation by all the first grade classes. Each class picked a different aspect of Spring as their theme. The Lad's class picked "trees". They did a couple of songs about how trees grow and the cycle of nature. Then they all recited a poem together. Their final piece was a tango involving passing a couple paper mache' trees amongst themselves.

Yes, I said a tango -- as in dance. You almost had to be there. One little girl was hamming it up to the enjoyment of all the parents. She would throw her head back, stretch out one arm and dance over to the next child. Although I've never seen Mrs FaithyMoo dance a tango, I imagine it would look something like that. Although probably without the paper mache' tree.

Besides being super busy at work yesterday, I spent most of the day worried about Sunni. She went in for a surgical procedure in order to try and drain the fluid from around the baby's lungs. While not a high risk procedure, there are still risks involved. I haven't heard how things went and I don't expect to until later. She's had enough concerns regarding this pregnancy so I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for her, Geoff and the baby.

This weekend I'll be in NC for Celly's recital. I'm not going only because I love her and I'm a good supportive boyfriend. She's worked really hard at getting this thing together and she does have a beautiful voice. She was stressing earlier this week over last minute details but she seems to be better now. Although you never really know with these divas, do you? *g*

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Da Boids!

June 4, 2002

You people should really think about seeking professional help. I mean, I take a little mini-vacation from posting and look what happens! No respect, I tell ya. I mean it's only been... ::counting on fingers:: three weeks. Three WEEKS! ::gulp:: Okay, nevermind.

The Clanlad completed his birdhouse project for Mother's Day. Okay, so he did the big areas of color and the Clandaddy (that would be ME!) did the rest. The Clanlad loves doing craft things, especially painting. Since Michael's Crafts has cheap wooden birdhouses, I told him he could paint all the different models. He's on his second one now. I'll put up some pictures of that as soon as he's done.

I can't think of much else that's noteworthy right now. Maybe tomorrow.

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