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7 Things (Part I in a series)

June 29, 2001

This seems to be the latest thing for people with online journals to post, so I'll play along too.

7 Things On My Desk (Work)
1) Mousepad with a drawing the Clanlad made at school on it.
2) Ever present 16oz bottle of Mt. Dew. (I know... I've cut back though. Honest!)
3) Small fan... 'cause we have no circulation ovah heah!
4) Big desk calendar.
5) Two pictures of the Clanlad, both in frames that he made himself. (Well, technically they're on the shelf above my desk, but you know...)
6) In/Out box thingy that's empty.
7) Some loose papers (New User Forms, Point-of-Contact List, couple of printed emails, etc)

Maybe this weekend I'll post a list of 7 things on my desk at home... do you think you can stand the excitement?

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June 27, 2001

Okay, I know I haven't been keeping up with this thing for the last month or so, but life has been a little hectic. Most people probably know by now, but Sherri and I are no longer together. We're fine, we parted as friends and we still talk occassionally. So yeah, that's pretty much all I'm gonna say about that.

Since I am officially single however, if you happen to run across a woman fitting this description, please by all that you hold dear, send her my way. *G*

Other happenings include the Clanlad's swimming lessons. He took some last year but was still afraid to put his face in the water. This year though, he's putting his whole head underwater, bouncing up and down and floating on his back! :) He has lessons on Mondays and Wednesdays for the next couple months, so I think tonight I'm going to get an adult pass so I can do some swimming and work out a little before his lessons. I'll let you know how it goes.

Speaking of the Clanlad, Father's Day came and went, or in my case Father's Week. *g* Sunday morning I got a card (that he said wasn't finished... wow, that apple didn't fall far, did it?) and a wall hanging thingy with his picture on it and "Love You Daddy" printed in big letters. You know, one of those things you get from the little carts that sit in the hallways at the mall. Then on Tuesday I think it was, he gave me a picture frame that he had made out of popsicle sticks and puzzle pieces with his picture in it. He said he forgot to give me that on Sunday. It has a small magnet on the back, so it's stuck to one of my shelves at work now. *g* THEN on Friday, he comes home from school and says he forgot that he had another present for me. This one is as fine an example of Kindergarden Clay Art as I've ever seen. It's blue. It's kinda round with a hole in it. It's blue. Did I mention that already? *g* Now before I get a rash of shit from everyone about what a horrible father I am, I will admit that I got a little choked up and misty. I mean, this is the first clay gift he's ever made. It's one of those things that you keep and treasure forever. Plus... y'know... it's blue.

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June Babies Birthday Bash

June 25, 2001

Saturday June 23rd saw a huge gathering of otters at the new Jillian's in Arundel Mills mall near Baltimore, MD. Probably about 40 people came and went throughout the evening. We started off with a rockin' hibachi dinner and then moved to the bowling alley for the opening of the presents. We kinda had to since about halfway through out meal about 30 little kids showed up for a birthday party right next to our group. I suggested switching the presents with them, but for some reason that didn't go over too well.

So everyone was trying to make Keltik twitch... there was body lotion, latex, novelty items, body paints, etc. She seemed to be taking most of it in stride until she got to my present. For some reason she saved that one for last.... must have been the Pokemon Christmas paper I wrapped it in and the fact that I kept pointing out that it *could* be an umbrella.

It wasn't. ::EG::

After she regained her composure... and we gave Jim CPR... the June Birthday Babies then blew out some candles and we all had our cake... and ate it. *g* Then it was time for the Great Otter Bowling Tournament! ::trumpets blaring, drums pounding, crowds cheering:: A mighty struggle ensued (mainly to find a decent bowling ball) and in the end, her High Holy Pinkiness didst emerge victorious! It was actually a three way tie in the 9th between Danicia, the Dread Pirate Russell and myself. Naturally I insisted that everyone had to "granny-bowl" the last frame. *sigh* It's really sad watching a grown man heave a 15 lb ball into the gutter from between his legs. I'm just glad I wasn't wearing a kilt...

The rest of the evening was mostly just hanging out and chatting. The neat part was when they turned out the regular lights and turned on the blacklighting. I tried to get decent pictures for you, my dear reader, but the batteries in the ClanCamera were dying.

Anyway, in case you missed it up top, here's another link to the June Babies Birthday Bash!

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ClanCrack Update

June 14, 2001

ClanGear is back up. I lightened the graphics some so they should print better. If you've already ordered something and would like to return it. Cafepress does have a return policy. But if for some reason they won't exchange an item, let me know and I'll pay for a new one.

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June 11, 2001

The ClanGear is temporarily out-of-order right now. I finally saw how the graphics looked on an actual t-shirt and I wasn't pleased. They looked too dark to me, so I'm going to try to lighten them. So far I've gotten the "Tempus Ludendi" and the "Full Contact Kilt Checking" stores back up. The other two will have to wait until tomorrow. Watch this space for further developments.

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June 11, 2001

So I'm up in NJ visiting the House That S'tan Built and we decide to shoot on down to Sommerset on Sunday afternoon for the New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom. As we walk up to the ticket takers, Lisa leans over and says, "Prepare to be underwhelmed." You'd think that would have been enough of a clue. Bear in mind that I hadn't really heard anything good about this faire so I wasn't expecting much. As it turns out, I set my sights too high.

I seriously think "Kingdom" is a gross overstatement. "Town" might even be too much for this place. "Plague village" comes pretty close to describing the level of activity that I witnessed. There were less than 40 merchants, zero music, zero street acts.... there were however, several weapons vendors, $4.00 hamburgers and roses. *blush* Yeah, I got a rose. *g*

Unfotunately there isn't really anything more I can say about NJRK. I did buy a nice dagger from Shark's Cove, but after having seen everything twice we decided to call it a day after only 2 1/2 hours. I wouldn't recommend this faire to anyone. Save your $12.00 and go see A Knight's Tale. Twice. It'll last longer and be a hell of a lot more fun.

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Everyone's updating, so why not me?

June 2, 2001

I love work weeks with holiday's in them. Especially the holiday itself. I wonder if I'm the only one that sets the alarm like normal just so I can turn it off and smile as I roll over and go back to sleep. I probably am. I'm just weird that way. Okay, so I'm weird in a lot of other ways, but I figure I'll let you find out those for yourselves. I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise. ::wink::

My supervisor just bought a new car. Well, a new used car, but still. It's really nice. Her previous one was declared a total loss by her insurance company because the storm drain in front of her house backed up last week enough to actually bring the water level up over her seats. So anyway, she got a new car which of course makes all of us want one too. Kinda primal I know, but there it is. I did kinda look at some prices for used convertibles... but there's no way I can afford one. Besides, I'm still drooling over that motorcycle from a couple months ago.

Finally! You know that Spring is here when the Booger Queen redesigns She's also got new t-shirt designs, but then she's a sellout. Of course she pointed out that I must be too since I did the same thing, but I piously reminded her that everyone knows that what a slut I am. *g*

A friend of mine pointed me to a cached page on from the infamous SnipeBlog of last year. It was from July 2000 when I was in the hospital. It was kind of surreal reading about the happenings of less than a year ago with the all the things that have changed in my life since then. I smiled, seeing the nice things she wrote and how concerned she was. It was probably more fear on her part though, since she knows that, after I croak, she's high on my list of "People to Haunt"... especially in the shower. *leer*

Speaking of which (health issues, not showers), my foot swelled last night. Not the right one, which was the culprit last year, but the left one. That was a little freaky, but I figure it's because I'm changing my diet. That's one of the things about my condidtion, while most people know that diet and exercise affect their bodies, in my case, the effects can be almost immediate. Well, where circulation is concerned anyway. Unfortunately, a week of salads isn't going to make me a calender model. So I'm trying to make adjustments slowly and safely. And yes, I've talked to the doctor already about it. She can't predict what certain changes will do, but she said in the long run they'll be beneficial. I know what to look for and as long as I don't lose the feeling in my leg or it doesn't turn puple, I should be fine.

Marcy and Todd called me this afternoon from Bah-ston to check on it (awwwww, aren't the sweetest couple?!) and I assured them that everything was fine. has been updated so go check out Marcy's latest ravings. Speaking of updates, Lars finally found the time to update and he has some new designs for the 2001 season, so be sure and checka those out too.

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