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My Avon Breast Cancer Walk Report

May 14, 2002

I know. I'm lame.

I promised you tales of my walking adventure and then procrastinated. What can I say? You should know better by now. Heh.

Anyhow... the pictures are here. Team Wench found each other Thursday afternoon at Registration in the Baltimore Convention Center and for the most part stuck together all the way through it. Alex and I had to go into a different line because we had more checks than most people. Once we got our "credentials" (badges that you wore around your neck to show who you were) we stood for-ev-er in the line at the general store. Finally we got through that and I came out of it one long sleeved shirt and one pair of shorts richer. We all met up for dinner at the Capital Brewing Company in the Inner Harbor and then dispersed mostly to seek an early bed.

Day 1 dawned clear and cool. Believe me, I know. We had to get up ass early in order to check out and walk down to the Convention Center by 6:00 AM. During the Opening Ceremonies we found out that there were approximately 4,500 walkers and we raised $6.75 million for breast cancer research and treatment. Then at 7:20 AM we started to walk. And then we stopped. Then walked. And stopped. It was pretty crowded until we got out of Baltimore. The really neat part was finding little handmade signs of encouragement stapled to trees and poles. Even with that though, I only made it about 15 miles before I was limping so badly that I had to stop.

It had been windy and cool all day but once the sun went down, it got downright COLD. The word was that temperatures dipped down to about 33 degrees. I put on almost all the clothes I brought and buried myself in my sleeping bag until 5:30 AM

Day 2 came and after a nice hot breakfast and breaking down of our tent, Alex and I set off on the trail once again. Today was the day we unveiled our Team Wench shirts created by Thistlewood Design (a Sunnidae production). The shirts and my hat were a big hit. Did you know that you could get your very own BoobieGear?!? I thought you might.

The wind was gone and the sun was out. I know this because I got a wicked burn on my lower legs. Sometime after about the 5 mile mark, I stepped in a rut hidden by some long grass and twisted my ankle. It didn't feel broken and frankly was only one of many pains I had in my lower extremities. I managed to make it to the next Pit Stop where I got ice for it. Okay, technically Kathy got me the ice because she was a little indignant that I was just sitting there (like they told me to do) and waiting for a bus to take me as far as the Lunch stop. Kathy, Lynne and Lori left later than we did so they had just caught up with me. After fussing over me for awhile (my life is so hard, isn't it? *eg*), they kept walking. Once the bus finally came though, I sort of skipped over them and actually beat them to Lunch. I rested there for awhile and finally decided to tough it out and finish the day.

While passing by Laurel Mall, I found the largest concentration of cheerers (is that a word?) of the whole walk. People were clapping, cheering and handing out water, candy and ice cream. After proclaiming the ice cream guy my personal god for the day, I continued along the route. And then I turned a corner and walked down the street past the mall and there were ALL these PEOPLE there cheering! It was pretty humbling but I did my best to respond and look people in the face. I mean, it's just walking. It's not like I went off to war or anything.

Anyway, while shuffling along, I looked up and saw Lori's husband, Shrew, standing on the side of the sidewalk and RumbleKitty jumping up and down (you gotta admit, she does bounce well!). So I went to talk to Shrew for a bit and hugged RumbleKitty. And THEN a very pregnant little girl came up and hugged on me! Wheeeeeeeeee! :-) And I said, "You're PREGNANT!" and she said, "I know!". Hehehehe... That was the bestest EVER! Of course that little girl was none other than Sunni. Her mother, whom I had met once before, was also there. That provided the little boost that I needed and I managed to finish the next 5 miles without incident.

Since we'd already had the artic temperatures the night before, Mother Nature decided we needed a little rain. Well, a lot of rain actually. Unfortunately the tents provided by Pallotta Teamworks were kind of old and not really weatherproof so ours was one of the many tents that got flooded. For me, that was the final straw. I had been limping pretty badly all evening and now my sleeping bag and shoes were wet. Alex called a friend of hers and went to stay at his house with the intention of returning in the morning to finish the last day. I didn't know anyone who lived that close so I thought about it for a couple hours and finally decided to call my mother in VA to come get me. I knew I wouldn't get home until almost 2:00 am and there was no way I could get up and be back in Jessup, MD by 6:30 AM. That was a pretty hard decision to make and it's not one that I'm especially proud of. However judging from the way my ankle hurt for the next week, I'm glad I did it.

Upon leaving I discovered that my sweet young Wench, Celly, had secret plans to come to DC and be there when I crossed the finish line. I know... how did I ever get to be so lucky? Seriously, nobody has ever done anything like that for me before. I think I'm going to keep her. *g*

And that was how the Avon Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk went for me. I kept forgetting about my camera but I did manage to get a few pictures. Unfortunately they're all from Day 0 and Day 1. I didn't take my camera out at all on Day 2. Like I said -- I'm lame.

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The Friday Five (Part V in a series)

May 10, 2002

1. What did you get your mom for Mother's Day?
A card. No really. I got her a card. My family isn't particularly big on celebrating holidays. Now the holidays are more geared towards the ClanLad. He painted a little wood project for his mother. We'll do some crafty thing this weekend though that he can give to his grandmother.

2. Which do you like better -- Mother's Day or Father's Day?
I'm going to have to go with Father's Day on this one. I love giving presents, especially craft projects, but nothing beats getting a present that was handmade for you by your child.

3. What is your favorite holiday?
Lessee... as I mentioned earlier, I enjoy Father's Day. I also like Christmas (although I never have enough money) because I like to see the Lad's face when he see's the tree and checks to make sure Santa ate all the cookies left out the night before. Of course I also enjoy Valentine's Day despite everyone's complaints about it being a fake holiday created by Hallmark. Yes, I do things all year long but I like having a day to go completely overboard. What can I say? I'm one romantic SOB. *g*

By the way, did you know that May is National Masturbation Month? I mean, come on, if there was ever a holiday to get behind this is certainly the one!

4. What is your least favorite holiday?
If there was a holiday around celibacy I'd vote for that one. I guess currently it would be President's Day. Not that there's anything wrong with it, there's just not a lot of gift-giving or partying done then.

5. What are you doing this weekend?
I'm going to do some house cleaning and maybe reorganize my bookshelves. I also want to work on some more Faire tokens. Mostly I'll be trying to keep my foot up so that it will stop swelling up like it was bashed with a Loony Tunes' hammer.

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May 1, 2002

Have you seen the NEW limited edition BoobieGear for Spring?! I'm talking about license plate frames, golf shirts, and frosted mugs!

How can you not own some BoobieGear?


Walking, Walking, Walking

May 1, 2002

Okay so finally I made my goal for the Avon 3-Day walk! Yay! It came right down to the wire but I'll be spending the next four days in the company of 5,000 women (or 10,000 breasts -- depending on how you look at it). I'm still a little scared about walking this far. Not the omigod-there's-a-guy-with-an-axe kind of scared but more a fear of the unknown. Of course if I'd been more vigilant about training I probably wouldn't have that fear but where would the excitement be in that? *g*

Okay, actually the fact that I won't be able to smoke for four days is what's really bugging me. I guess the smart thing to do would be use that as a jumping off point for actually quitting. I know this would make my dear Celly ecstatic beyond words. *g* But don't tell her, I want it to be a surprise. Shhhhh.

No, I'm not really worried about the actual walking. Even though my foot is still killing me. I found out that it's something called over-pronation. In this definition, it says that it's most commonly associated with flat feet (which I don't have) but in my case it was from walking. I just sort of over stretched it. I've gotten heel and arch supports for my shoes and that helps some. The mornings are the worse. I can barely put any weight on that foot (for those of you who left your programs at home it's the left one i.e. not the clot leg) when I first get up. Eventually it goes down to a dull ache and sometimes goes away all together.

See? I knew all this exercise couldn't really be good for you.

In other news, last weenkend I was in Richmond for my brother's wedding. Celly came up to be my date (we got to sit at the head table, baby!). The weekend itself went pretty smooothly. It was just the few days before that stressed me out.

My new suit was supposed to be ready on Thursday. Well, one sleeve of the jacket was an inch longer than the other, the pants legs were too short, the crotch was somewhere in the neighborhood of my knees and the waist was still 3 inches too big. Needless to say, I was pissed. I stressed that fact that I was going out of town for a wedding and had to have that suit by 6:00 PM on Friday.

I show up Friday at about 6:15 PM and try on the suit one more time. The jacket fits. The waist fits. The crotch doesn't make me look like I'm smuggling a load. HOWEVER when they took up the crotch they neglected Newton's Third Law of Physics. So yeah, I was prepared for the great flood.

The tailor came out and took some measurements and then disappeared into the back with my pants after assuring me that it would only take 10 minutes to fix them. After almost an hour, he finally reappeared and I tried on the pants again. They fit much better this time. They still seemed a little short to me, but it was better than doing a Erkle impression.

Enjoy the wedding pictures and if you can't come out and cheer along the route of the Breast Cancer walk at least think about me and my over-pronated feet this weekend. I reckon if they start hurting too bad I can grab a corner of the medical tent and offer free breast exams.

Did I say that?

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