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Potpourri Update

April 26, 2002

Wow. Time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? And lemme tell ya, I've been having fun! When last you heard from the Clanchief, he had just returned from a whirlwind tour of the NC State Fairegrounds and the North Carolina Renaissance Faire. Well, the sunburn healed and I actually managed to sell my first set of Faire favors. Er, tokens. I don't have a website up for it yet or anything but as a part of the new side business I told you about, I am perfectly willing to pimp myself out to you my faithful reader and make your Faire tokens. Naturally I'll keep everyone informed as I get this up and running but if you have any questions feel free to contact me if you're interested.

Last weekend I took a quick trip down to NC because Celly was performing in an opera production at Duke University. It was called "Mostly Mozart" and featured individual scenes from different operas. Lucky for you, I took pictures.

Celly: The Gee-tar Pickin' MaidTo-ga! To-ga! To-ga!Dance for me, O Spirit of Bed Linen

I also took pictures this week of my actual castle. Okay, so it's a very suburban castle.

The actual Castle MacDobhranBloomin azaleas and a rose bushMy garden otterDaffadils gone buh-bye :-(

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Which Monty Python character are YOU??

April 12, 2002

Click here and don't forget to bring a shrubbery!

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NCRF 2002 Pictures

April 10, 2002

Just a quickie to let you know that the pictures of NCRF 2002 are up. I'm still working on a recap of the weekend though. I don't know when I'll get that done. I have some shopping to do tonight. I still need a good pair of boots for the Avon 3-Day (also some socks, camping stuff, etc). Tonight however will probably be taken up with suit shopping. That's right, I said "suit". You can stop laughing now. Humphff.

My brother is getting married in two weeks and since my regular attire can best be described as casual bum, I figure it's about time for a trip to the old Men's Warehouse.

'Cause y'know George Zimmer guarantees it.

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April 8, 2002

My weekend was excellent (despite getting the Worst Facial Sunburn Ever), how was yours? Well, if you're a regular visitor to the Castle (you do visit the Castle every day, don't you??) then you know that I just got back from the North Carolina Renaissance Faire. I'm going to be writing a more lengthy update later but I just had to share a couple things with you, my faithful readers.

In my spare time over the last couple of weeks, I have been working on the creation of my Faire tokens. You know what I mean -- those cute little pins that everyone hands out to their friends at Faire -- anyway I came up with what I thought was a pretty good idea about 5 months ago. Actually it might have been Ani's idea. I honestly can't remember right now. I do know that it was during a conversation with her that this epiphany arrived.

It was last fall, right after I had joined the Privateer's Guild, we were discussing favors and tokens for the next Faire season. I wanted to incorporate the whole sheep thing with the new pirate thing and so I came up with what you see pictured on the right.

Now I am often easily impressed with my own brilliance, however I rarely expect anyone else to recognize it. You can't begin to imagine my surprise when people started commenting and coveting my wee piratanical sheep. No really, the first dozen compliments you almost have to expect 'cause let's face it, they are damn adorable. But when word go back to me that someone in the Royal Court wanted to buy twenty of them I was dumbfounded. When I ran out of them and started giving out my Faire card so people could email their mailing address to me, I started to wonder if the lack of shade on site was inducing mass hysteria. THEN when I heard two ladies from one of booths wanted some to sell on a consignment or wholesale basis -- that's when I when I finally gave in and admitted my genius. (Hey, no thwapping now, I'm kidding, I haven't actually gone off the deep-end into severe megalomania.) I don't expect this to be my path to riches, but I'll do it as long as it's fun and profitable.

Hold onto your bloomers cause the pictures are coming soon!

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The Friday Five (Part IV in a series)

April 5, 2002

1. What was your first job?
When I was 15 my cousin was an assistant manager at a local McDonald's. He used his vast Food Service industry influence to get me the highly sought after and prestigious job of Cashier. (Of course this was back when one of their main employee benefits was "free uniforms".) I worked there for most of my sophomore year of high school and played JV football at the same time. Let me tell you, that was rough. Not so much the football, but seeing what goes on behind the scenes at a fast food restaurant.

To this day, I won't eat restaurant pickles. *shudder*

2. How old were you when you had your first kiss?
15. Damn, that was a pretty good year for me wasn't it? Anyway, her name was Libby Rojas and she was a year younger than me. A friend of mine in my geometry class told me that this Freshman liked me. I didn't believe him of course but I did somehow manage to actually talk to the girl in question. Turns out she did like me and soon a heady teenage romance followed. She wasn't my first sexual partner but things did progress beyond just kissing fairly quickly. *ahem*

3. What was your first car? What happened to it?
The first car that I drove full time was a gray 1975 Volvo 244 GL. This was in 1983. It was of course a hand-me-down family car, but it had an electric moon roof! I know, I know... no matter what kind of face you put on it, a Volvo isn't much of a chick magnet. Naturally, it passed to my brother a couple years later.

After my first year of college, I bought a metallic midnight blue 1986 Ford Ranger XL 4-wheel drive. That was the first vehicle I bought myself and ended up owning in my own name. I learned the hard way how important vehicle maintenance is after I neglected changing the oil for too long and had to replace the engine because it seized. I also redneck'd that mo fo out. I gave it a 3-inch body lift, 31-inch tires on gold and chrome rims and a double/single metallic gold rollbar with four front-facing offroad lights and two rear facing ones. What??? It was the 80's.

I kept that until 1994 when I found out about my impending fatherhood. I sold the truck and bought a nice sensible 1994 teal Toyota Corolla. That's the car I currently drive but I'm starting to save up for another one. I'm looking towards getting a Jeep Wrangler this time. It's cheaper than an SUV, not as boring as a family car and still has a backseat for the lad.

4. What was your first concert?
The first one that I remember buying tickets to is Jimmy Buffett. This was back when he used to come to Merriweather Post Pavilion every year. A couple friends and I loaded up on food and beer and went up early to tailgate in the parking lot. One of my friends had an extended cab pickup truck (hey, it was the 80's!) so we actually did have a tailgate to party from. Since I was the youngest, I got stuck in the little jumper seat. Oh yeah, swift plan there. Put the fat kid with motion sickness in a cramped space riding sideways.

You can see that it was totally not my fault for throwing up later. Well, I guess the beers didn't help matters either.

5. What are you doing this weekend?
I'm going to NC for the North Carolina Renaissance Faire and to see my sweetie. Since she is smart enough to not try and change me, I have full permission for Roguish behavior. I'm not sure if being spoken for and having that kind of license makes me less dangerous or more dangerous. It's gonna be fun finding out though!

Have a weekend!

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