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April 26, 2001

Error 808

You have received this error message because you are trying to access a page written by a person with entirely too much to do right now. Please try back at a later time because no matter how hectic his life gets, he never wants you to feel ignored, dear reader. Afterall, where would he be without you? You are the wind beneath his wings.

Believe me, it hurt me just as much to write that last line as it did for you to read it. Sorry.

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Garden of Eden

April 18, 2001


Go ahead and say it. I'm a slacker. I try to find interesting and hopefully humorous things to post about for you here but sometimes, like this week, there just isn't anything to say.

Oh sure, I could tell you all about the whining and dick swinging that has been going on last week over in the Rogue's Guild and about how close the RenMercs Guild is to making the same mistakes. Or about how the sunburn that I got on Saturday while doing yardwork along with the swollen leg and back pain from said yardwork left me completely unmotivated to do much more than breathe all day Sunday. Or I could regale you with the lengthy epic of how I didst findeth a serpent in the castle fields (read: my backyard) and how I, surely the bravest and mightest clanchief upon life and armed with only a common garden hoe, didst risk life and limb to verily smote Satan's beloved into itsy bitsy pieces thus restoring peace, harmony and order to the castle fields. Or how I haven't had a decent nights sleep in a week because I'm continuously haunted by the vilest, heartpounding dreams that I can never quite remember.

But no, all I really want to say is that I miss your face.

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Where the circus comes to town...

April 15, 2001

The Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Greatest Show on Earth, was at the DC Armory this last week and on Saturday night I took the Clanlad, his mother and my mother to see it. The Clanlad was very excited and "oohed" and "ahhed" a lot. Having dated a professional clown, I was a little more aware of the behind the scenes aspects. So the animals, clowns and gymnastics didn't impress me. What impressed me was John Weis. I saw him on a t.v. documentary a couple years ago. He does some clowning, but his main gig is as the Human Cannonball. Not a job that I would want, but hey, at least he gets a bang out of his job.

Sorry. No biscuits for me.

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April 13, 2001


Ahhhh... the first signs of spring. These are some of the daffodils in my front yard. As you've probably guessed, I got the digital camera and damn, this thing is fun! It is a pain in the ass to upload the pics from the camera to the PC, but I'll look around and find a decent card reader so that I can quickly and efficiently bring you the latest and best in digital photography.

Because you know, we here at the castle are all about you, dear reader.

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Send in the Clowns

April 12, 2001

The sad news is that I won't be getting a motorcycle. At least not right now. Maybe deeper into the summer or next year... we'll see. The good news is that I'm going shopping for, and in all honesty will probably purchase, a digital camera tonight. No, it's not really comfort shopping per se, although I readily admit that I will most likely feel tons better. Those of you that have been paying attention know that I have been talking about getting a digital camera for quite some time now. I've done the research, unlike my recent motorcycle shopping expedition. Luckily the suggested retail price on most cameras has dropped in the last month, especially on the one that I covet. Now is the perfect time too, what with my trip to Texas (hide the wenches and lock up the sheep!) coming up in two weeks. That should give me enough time to familiarize myself with most of the features and take some practice shots, which I will of course be posting in the castle for your enjoyment. As always, dear reader, I save the very best for you.

I will probably also get to practice this weekend as I am planning on taking the Clanlad to the circus. (Weird DeJa Moment: I went to a circus this same weekend, actually on Easter Sunday, last year. Of course that was under completely different circumstances.) Ringling Brothers is in DC until Monday and I managed to score some tickets for Saturday night. Go me. Anyway, the lad has been to circus' before, but being the good daddy that I am I thought this might be a fun surprise for him.

Yeah, you're right. It's all an elaborate ploy to keep from getting my ass kicked at soccer by a six year old.

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Spank Me. I've Been Naughty.

April 11, 2001

So far this week has been bird free, but it's only Wednesday so I'll continue to wear my raincoat and widebrim hat, thankyouverymuch. Actually the weather this week has been great, well up until today that is, and since I'm now working an earlier shift (read: getting off work an hour earlier) there has been much outside activity with the Clanlad. We've played soccer, which basically means that I stand at one end of the yard and he stands at the other end and makes up a bunch of "6 year old" rules that boil down to Daddies-will-always-lose. And I'm not even talking about a close game here... I think I lost the last game by something like 100 - 0. Did I mention that the rules are given to change at any moment in the game as is the score? Yeah well... it's probably because the goal keeps moving and shrinking, usually after every kick and with much arm waving accompanied by lengthy diatribes on just *why* this new goal is much better than the previous one. Evidently being six is much more complicated that I remember.

It's a lot like women and dating that way. But I digress...

You're probably wondering about this article's title, huh? Well, it has nothing to do with my previous dating comment, although I'm sure there are lots of opinions being formulated out there right now, most of which will never be voiced 'cause you're a'scarit. :-p Chickens... nyah, nyah... come on, I dare you... gimme your best shot. Hehehe.

Where was I? Oh yes, the title. So yesterday was nice, sunny, breezy and warm. Since we were kind of slow and my boss is taking a half day off on Friday, she decided to give us each an extra half hour for lunch. Now it doesn't take me that long to walk over the deli (did I tell you that they have the best chicken philly subs on earth?!?) so I needed to find something to do to fill up all that free time... because let's face it, I'm not one to pass up free stuff. With the spring weather infusing my brain, I decided to go on over to a nearby motorcycle dealership. *sigh* I know. Bad clanchief. I should have known better. BUT I didn't buy anything. Not really. Just kinda sorta filled out some paperwork and told them to run a credit check to see what kind of financing I could get and what my payments would be. Hopefully I'll find out today. Actually, I don't care either way. I mean, I would like to have a bike again, but if not, I can still wait.

Until I get back from Texas anyway...

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New Pictures and A Poll

April 7, 2001

Okay, if you're all done chuckling over Friday's avian adventure, I've got something I need some opinions on. I finally got back the pictures from Cronnacht's Birthday Bash last month. There aren't that many of them, but I'm trying out a new format (which I blatantly and sneakily stole from Sherry the RedHairedHottie) for showing pictures. You can compare the new with the old way (not, of course, that Faith is old or anything...) and tell me which you prefer in the comments below. (That would be the "What's your 2 pence?" link at the bottom of this post for those of you that just arrived on the short bus). I still like the "links in the story" style for things like Faire reviews, but for events that I don't really write that much about... I'm wondering how many people like having thumbnails as picture links. I mean besides for scanning porn.

So which way do you feel enhances your total picture viewing experience?

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It's a bird! It's a plane!...

April 6, 2001

Nope. It was a bird.

Those of you on the East Coast, and more specifically the Metro area that is Washington D.C., may be aware of today's rain forecast. Looking outside at the dull grey of the overcast sky would only reinforce that prediction. If you were to walk two blocks south from my place of employment to the really good diner that makes those nummy chicken philly subs, as I am often want to do, and breathed deeply the cool smell of moisture carried on the spring breeze your suspicions would indeed be confirmed. I only point out this obvious and logical thought pattern so that you, dear, dear reader, will understand why when I walked outside it took me a couple minutes to realize that, despite the rather large initial raindrop, it was in fact not raining at all.

Fucking birds.

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Meet the Parents

April 3, 2001

So this weekend I went to meet my brother's fiance's family. Let me start by assuring you that they were all very nice and have an impressive sense of family. In short, I like them. However, that didn't stop me from almost sticking both of my feet into my mouth where my brother is concerned. Confused? I shall explain.

They live in Crofton, MD which happens to be near where the Maryland Renaissance Festival is held every year and the route is much the same. On the way there, we passed a restaurant called "Jasper's". Now I've been to this place before and was not impressed. It's nice enough looking, but in that new money, what-kind-of-boat-do-you-own, middle-aged, convertible driving, yuppie sort of way. I went with some people once after Faire so naturally, I was dressed in shorts and a tanktop, my companions were simarily attired. It was very apparent that we did not fit in. The prices were high and I wasn't that impressed with the food. What does this impromtu restaurant review have to do with anything, you ask? Well, as we were passing "Jasper's", I commented that I had eaten there and wasn't impressed. It seemed like it was full of older people wanting to be seen... you know, the eggs benedict and mimosa crowd. I stopped just short of making some comment like, "full of white haired men in Mustang convertibles". Good thing too since my brother's fiance's uncle (whose house we were plodding along towards) happens to have white hair. And drives a red 2000 Mustang convertible.

Good thing he didn't have an antique lie detector in the basement.

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