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Intercourse (verbal) Part I in a series:

March 28, 2001

MacDobhran: Have you ever heard "The 4 Train Story" from elf or Crickett? This is kinda like that.... NYC subways are strange...

FaithMango: I haven't.

FaithMango: It's my fucking duck.

MacDobhran: LOL You have to beg Crickett to tell that story.... It's great. Make sure it's in person though so she can do all the motions too. *g* Kinda like the Service Me dance, only longer. And with voices.

FaithMango: she makes me pee

MacDobhran: I know what you mean, too much iced tea has that same effect on me.

Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Not too much of course because come on... who here still thinks I'm innocent?!

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Beam me up, Scotty

March 25, 2001

I just got back from the birthday celebration at Kate's Irish Pub for Jim (Cronnacht). By my estimation, there were at least 50 people there. I think only this last New Year's Eve Kilted Invasion was larger. I didn't see everything, but it appeared the birthday boy made out pretty well in the present department, receiving among other things, a short claymore. The company, as always, was good. Although the band sucked ass. I mean, they weren't even remotely good. They butchered the tempo of almost every song they performed and probably couldn't have stayed on key if you held a gun to their heads. On the upside, I even got some hugs and smooches from the wenches. I also met a couple of lovely new wenches (grrrrowl...) and even had a hard cider. Oh, and did a wee bit of plotting with some of my fellow Rogues. *eg* Details will of course be forthcoming... later.

Not much else happened this week, except that I finally got all my sheep in a row regarding my trip to Scarborough Faire in Texas. Plane, car, hotel, gate tickets... all set and ready to go. I still need to get that digital camera before I go though. I did breakdown and join the 21st century (not quite kicking and screaming) by getting a cell phone. If you want the number, just let me know. It's one of those way-cool flip type phones too. I sort of feel like Captain Kirk whenever I open it. Which got me to thinking about how many things we actually have in everyday use from the original Star Trek series. Talking computers, handheld communications, automatic sliding doors... but I still want my instant transportation device, damnit!

Maybe then I could get to work on time. *sigh*

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Question of the Week:

March 25, 2001

What is the best April Fool's Day gag you've ever heard of or done?

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Gone fishin'

March 16, 2001

This morning has been pretty busy workwise but hopefully I'll still be able to get out of here early for a long weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the DC metro area. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever actually seen anyone bustle around here... except for John (MrWhizzr) but that's a whole other kettle of pain spikes. Anyway, although it pains me greatly to leave you gentle reader without your daily (er, occassional) dose of snarky insight, I really feel that I must. So here are a couple of sites with excellent archives:

Greg Knauss' An Entirely Other Day is full of witty insights into the life of a midwestern father and husband. And because of what he posted Monday, I may have to start a cult for him.

The BradLands is an absolute must read! Not only the "Must See HTTP:" and "Daily Brad" sections, but make sure you feast upon the "Archives ala Carte". His "Conversations from the Bar Scene" regualarly endanger the stability of my spleen as well as my future employment.

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I am a slut.

March 14, 2001

While I'm certain that many of you are currently caught somewhere between smirking and the need to change your underpants, I'm equally certain your universal joviality is for the wrong reason. For you see, I speak not of sex, alcohol or other baser human appetites. (Although Vicky did call me a "framboise slut" and not without good reason, I might add.) The object of my slutitude is not generally thought of as morally or physically damaging. No, gentle reader, this is an altogether different facet of my slut-crystal. The good part is, not only is it legal in all 50 states, but dealers for this particular flavor of consumer crack can be found everywhere from malls to truckstops. I am, of course, speaking of sunglasses. What were you thinking?! (Nevermind... I don't think I want to know.) It's always worse in the springtime too. Some young men's fancy turns to love, I turn to fasionable outdoor eyewear. Ahhhh... colored ovals of glass or plastic encased in finely, mass-produced metal or plastic frames staring in all directions from their display stand tower of power. Proudly poised two by two like little rainbow soliders ready to fight to the death for the safety of our eyes against the evil UV Ray's of Sunshineland! Patiently watching and waiting for the unsuspecting, the uninitiated... the guliable. Me.

Okay, here is where I stop and wonder if I need a 12-step program to deal with my tendancies to turn a simple sentance like "I bought cheap sunglasses for $5 this week." into a grand epic tale of good versus evil.

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Question of the Week:

March 12, 2001

Have you seen the new Brotherhood of Rogues? I am especially in love with this brilliant piece of web literature. "The Scoundrel's Sanctum"... isn't that just the greatest name ever??! *g* So I expect all of the Faithful Six to stop whatever you're doing and email something. We're ready to believe you. Will anyone write in?? Did YOU?!?


The Weekend in Review

March 12, 2001

You're probably expecting some grand epic tale about how I wrestled crocodiles, rescued a child from a burning building and helped an old lady across the street. Well, keep hoping. You should know by now that my life is not that interesting. If there's not a Faire going on for me to report about or some drunken Irish bar gathering, then about the most that can be hoped for is movie rental and shopping. Which is, of course, exactly what happened this weekend.

We'll start with the movie. Bedazzled was Saturday's evening pick from the neighborhood Blockbuster. Why? I dunno. There wasn't really that much that I hadn't seen and I was in a comedy mood. I hadn't heard very good things about this flick, but I was pleasantly surprised. I laughed outloud several times (especially when Brenden Fraser got turned into a Columbian drug lord!) and let's face it... Elizabeth Hurley isn't all that hard to look at. It was campy and formula driven, but maybe that's what I was in the mood for that night. So I give it 2 out of 5 sheep.

Sunday, I went shopping for jeans, which I really hate doing, because the last pair of jeans I bought was about 5 years ago and they were finally called to jean-heaven last month. No, I have not been running around naked for a month. It's just that while I do wear jeans, I prefer khaki type pants. (I know khaki is a color, but I just can not call them "slacks".) Anyway, so I go to Wal-Mart and try on a size that I think is the next one up from what I was wearing. You know, because all clothes are mislabeled anyway... *ahem* As it turns out, this pair came dangerously close to marking me as "Sheepmaster G". Being so far out of what's hip nowadays, I'm not even sure that the kids are still wearing their pants that low, in which case I would have simply been known as "The Plumber".

*thwap!*That's for all of you who automatically finished that last sentance with "...he's come to fix the sink!". And I know which ones you are too.

Anyway, gleefully I went down two sizes in the vain hope that I might actually be shrinking. No such luck. Eventually I ended up with three pairs of jeans (and one of them my first pair of black ones! Go me!) exactly the same size as the ones I got five years ago, which is just fine with me. I guess you could say there's something intrinsically zen about maintaining a constant harmonious relationship between the known universe, in its infinite glory and wonder, and my own mass.

Well, it sounds better than "big fatass".

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March 9, 2001

Jeesh, this has been a week. Not only has my boss at work been on some type of holy hormonal rampage, but the Bullshit Fairies (tm) have been working overtime. I don't say "Good morning" when I come to work anymore, I ask "What are the rules for today?". Yes, they actually do change daily. I tell ya, if you equate the layers of politically correct crap that is stacked up around here with dirt... it would be a anthropoligists wet dream. The week hasn't been all bad though, I actually had a website to build and several requests for graphics. Luckily I just got Paint Shop Pro 7 and EyeCandy, which gave me an excuse to play with my new toys as it were. Lemme tell ya, the difference between PSP 5 and 7 is incredible. There are so many more filters and effects! Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don't see a major redesign in the near future of Castle MacDobhran. I just think the whole stone/wood thing I have now fits. But damn, I've got ideas for some really cool graphics. *sigh*

Have you seen the new Brotherhood of Rogues? The redesign there is pretty good, but I still hate the flat view of the Forums and the rampant spelling errors on there just make me want to stick a shrimp fork in my eye. Although I must admit that this looks interesting. I wonder what the first article will be about? Who will write in? Will anyone write in?? Did YOU?!?

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March 5, 2001

DAMNIT! Once again I have been taunted with oodles and oodles of soft, white flakes... my hopes and joys rising at the possibility of snowball fights, fort building and sledding... only to be slapped in the face by the wet fish of Mother Nature. The bitch. Granted we did get about an inch, but frankly, that's just like Her to dangle tempting treats in front of us, allowing only the slightest taste of Her cool fruits and then stopping, in effect pulling back, just as we start to crave more! Sort of reminds me of every other... um. Nevermind. I think I'll just stop right there.

Weather. Can't live with it, can't live without it.

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I can see clearly now...

March 3, 2001

Well, I finally got my contacts. It took forever for them to get here, but finally I have peripheral vision again! Wheeeeeee! And they didn't cost me an arm and a leg because we have actual vision insurance now. I know what you're thinking though... why don't I get that nifty laser surgery thingamabob done? Because I'm a freak. I won't bore you with the details of my freakishness, but my eyes are so messed up that I can't have it done. But that's okay with me.... as nice as it would be to be able to go swimming or sleep without worrying about my lenses, I'll take what I can get. Oh, you'll still occassionally catch me in glasses, mainly because my sweetie likes them, but contacts are just one more thing I can cross off my Pre-Faire To-Do List.

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