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House Update

February 22, 2004

This weekend, Celly and I went to West Virginia (to the lovely and mostly-painted home of our friends Todd and TheMarcy) on a house-hunting mission. Since Celly starts her new job in McLean on March 1st, we knew we had to find a house as soon as possible. I got into WV at 10:00 on Saturday morning. It wasn't long before our Real Estate Lady (REL) picked us up and took us to the first house on our list.

Two storeys, 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, basement and a 2 car garage. While a very nice home, it was at the upper end of our financial limit. There was some landscaping on the berm behind the house and a flagstone garden walk next to the house. It also had hardwood floors throughout.

We couldn't get into the second house because the lockbox wouldn't open. But really, we were fine with that when we saw the view. Y'see, this house happened to have been the model home for this particular development. Unfortunately this development, and particularly this particular house, overlooked... a propane tank farm. That's right, the view from the frontdoor of the house was nothing but huge tanks of steel. Next please!

Number three was a decent enough house but the floorplan was kind of... strange. It was almost like the model house that I liked back in September but not quite. After that we went to a small farm-type house that was ruled out because of it's remoteness and it's condition. We ruled out a couple of other houses due to distance from our respective work areas.

The last house we visited was almost like the first (in fact it was the same size and general design) but it only had a one-car garage. It was less expensive and in a very nice golf course commnunity. They had even done some really cool things with interior paint and moulding.

After all this we were hungry so we headed over to a Ruby Tuesday's and got some lunch. REL ran some numbers for us. and I made a list of all our bills and income. In the end we decided to try for the first house we saw that day. So we initialed and signed an offer which REL faxed over to the seller's agent. Celly and I headed back to Casa de Beagle to wait out the answer.

And then....

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