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Let Them Eat... Cake?

February 26, 2001

Wow... looking back over the last week, I realize that I have deprived the good subjects of MacDobhran Land for far too long. I would ask your pardon while trying to explain that it's not easy running a whole castle, but then I would remember that I am the beloved and glorious ruler of all that I survey and you are merely the dirty peasants, serfs and raggamuffins that I allow to access my holdings and who should know better than to whine about it. Yeah... okay, sorry... well, just because I've been bored and creating these fantasy worlds in my head doesn't mean I'm insane. Now if I were to dress the part, complete with a paper crown and toilet plunger sceptor, while reclining in my Laz-E-Boy and addressing my "court" (being my 6 year old son, 3 year old hyperactive dog and a errant cricket that somehow found it's way into the house, no not The Bug... this one didn't have a keen fashion sense and was taller) in a high pitched nasally East German accent... well yes, then you could call me insane. Of course you all know that I didn't do that since I don't own a Laz-E-Boy recliner. Um yeah... so there you have it. Anyway...

We got SNOW! on Thursday night which resulted in a 125 car pile up on I-95 just south of DC. No, I didn't cause it... I wasn't anywhere near it, thank goodness. The snow did however result in schools being closed on Friday so I got another three day weekend! Wheeee! Honestly though, there wasn't that much snow left by Friday afternoon, but I sent a bundled up Clanlad out to do battle with assorted snowmen, ice demons and slush monsters anyway while I stayed inside and finished setting up Fantastic Snark for The Marcy. Oh, you didn't know it was live? Well, she might be waiting for the stars to align before announcing it, but I don't have that kind of patience. *g* There's not much there yet, but after she and Todd move I expect that much content will be added.

This past Saturday night I went over to friend's house for an engagement dinner. Believe me, it wasn't as formal as it sounds. It was just my friend Carisa, her fiance Mike (yikes! another Mike!) and I sitting around looking through photo albums, chatting and laughing. I had met Mike once before, but really got a better feel for him this time. I gotta say, I like the guy. Carisa always did have a thing for Sylvester Stallone and Mike seems to have nailed "short, muscular and Italian" pretty well, not only that, but he has a brain! Just don't get him started on soccer... that's like trying to discuss environmental issues with Emerald Dragon! And not that I don't know lots of couples in good, healthy relationships, but Carisa and Mike are so right for each other it's spooky. Maybe it's just because I've known her for such a long time, but I think they actually could live off of love. I have to admit that I almost got a little tear thing going on the way home thinking about it... I'm so happy for them both and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness, because let's face it, since neither one of them can cook, that's pretty much all they'll have to sustain themselves besides Kool-Aid and Cheeto's. :-)

Oh yeah.... somebody come up with some damn logo suggestions!

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February 23, 2001


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They're all out to get me!

February 20, 2001

Health News:
MacDobhran: Evidently I am a paranoid freak. The doctor said, even though I didn't do anything abnormal Saturday, the little bit of housework I did along with my low blood count is probably what made my leg swell. It's kind of gone down some.... a little.

MarcyWench (my favorite nurse-type person): a little paranoia is ok

So there you have it. Not one, but two expert opinions. Oh yeah, and once again, I got clarification on this disease, for lack of a better term, of mine. No, there's no cure, I will be on some kind of blood therapy for the rest of my life. The doctor said that's it's kind of a balancing game between my activity level, what I eat, etc... that and a healthy dose of paranoia.

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Health News:

February 18, 2001

I had my regular blood testing on Thursday, and on Friday they call and say that it's kinda low, so I should take 7.5 on Saturday and Tuesday instead of my normal 5.0. Fine, I can do that. I thought I had noticed some swelling anyway, but Saturday evening it was very noticable. It seems to have gone down a bit, but I'm still paranoid and freaking out. *sigh* I hate this shit.... I'm falling apart like an old jalopy.

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Sleep with ease...

February 16, 2001

Update to the Fairfax County story: According to sources (aka Cyd), "The bill was stricken from the record on 1-29-01. Yes, it's still safe to sleep in your living room. They were trying to pair it together with the ordinance saying that no more than four people not of the same family can live in a residence of less than 2000 square feet with less than two bathrooms without a special permit."

So suck back on your can o' suds, recline in your favorite chair and snore your way through the last half of The Outlaw Josey Wales on a rainy, Sunday afternoon because it is your Constitutional right. God bless America.


Badges? We dun need no stinkin' badges!

February 16, 2001

In case you were wondering, yes, the roses arrived at the intended destination on Wednesday thanks to FedEx. Whew! Lesse now, I think that gets me off the gift-giving hook for at least another 6 months. Yeah right...

It's been kind of a slow week so there isn't really anything to report or snark to dispense. I'm afraid the best I can do at the moment is to share some more fascinating links with you. Please, try to contain your excitement. Thank you.

Today we'll be stepping into the often fascinating, sometimes strange, world of The Law. Let's start with something relatively local, shall we? Over at Dumb Laws, you can search for your particular state and read up on some the truly strange things people in power have passed. Like how it's illegal to tickle women in the Commonwealth of Virginia (Oops.), or spit on the sidewalk (I wonder if it's illegal to spit on ticklish women on the sidewalk though...), or that not only is it illegal to have sex with the lights on, one may not have sex in any position other than missionary (Yikes!). And whatever you do, for the love of Pete, don't wash your ass on the sidewalk in Culpeper, VA! Although if you're male, I assume you could tickle it as long as you didn't spit at the same time. I fully expect to find the authorities waiting on my doorstep when I get there this evening, or at least nice men in white lab coats.

** This just in... Don't fall asleep in front of the t.v.. Apparently, in Fairfax County, VA (where I live) a law is in the works that says "spaces such as kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms and family rooms shall not be occupied for sleeping purposes". So don't drink too many beers while watching that Sunday afternoon football game lest the Nap Police haul you off to La-La Land Penitentiary.

Well, I guess I could always move to Italy, where evidently bottom slapping is okay and bad housekeeping is grounds for a divorce. Of course, this is the same country that overturned a rape conviction because "victim's jeans were too tight to be removed without her consent". Give me a break.

I guess I'll just have to stay here in the good old U.S. of A. and play Bejeweled while pondering Cries of Romance. Mmmm, I wonder if FedEx would be able to deliver those...

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Question of the Week:

February 16, 2001

I think I need a logo. Or maybe some kind of cute, lovable cartoonish image that immediately says "Gareth" to the masses, since I know that you all think of me as a cute, lovable cartoonish kinda guy. Don't you?!? *sigh* Anyway, I've been kicking around this idea in my head for months now, and while I do have a couple good ideas, I'm not sure that they're very good though. Actually the one suggested to me by MrWhizzr is a whole Viennese Opera of Wrong, including the fat lady with a horned Viking helmet singing at the end.

So my question for you, gentle reader, is what kind of logo or symbol do you think I should use and do you know anyone that could draw it for me? (No, I won't use the otter picture that I have now, because it could be copyrighted. Besides, I'm getting bored with that one now...)

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Happy VD, Everybody!

February 14, 2001

I originally thought I would put a post that I made last year on the newsgroup in this space today, but alas, as is with the best laid plans, things have gone astray. I was counting on pulling said post from the Deja archives. Well, we all know what happened to those. I did check the home computer, but I wasn't very hopeful to begin with since it's a different machine than I was using at this time last year. I'm disappointed too because I've always been fairly proud of that little bit of literature. Sometimes you write the best stuff during the lowest periods in your life. Know what I mean?

Since I have no verbal flora to offer you on this heart shaped day, and no one has answered the question posted above, I can only relay my own humble plans for today. I say humble not to imply any sarcasm but merely to convey the sense that I did not do anything completely over the top of blatantly excessive (if she's still around next year though... hehehehe). As you may remember, She Who Must Be Obeyed (and yes... she *really* likes that title) shot down any thoughts of confectionery treats earlier this week. Not wanting, or being able to afford, to be too extravegant I opted for the traditionally tasteful dozen roses. Yellow roses, since they are her favorite. I ordered them to be delivered on Tuesday while she was at work (Bonus Points for making the other women jealous!) but once again... the best laid plans rule took effect. FedEx tried to deliver them at 8:36 a.m. which is about a half hour before the library where she works opens it's doors. I found out this tidbit of news when I got home Tuesday night. In a romantic panic, I called the FedEx customer service line and guess what? I actually got customer service! Not only did a real, live person pick up the phone, but she went beyond the call of duty in helping me to change the delivery address to the intended's house (she's off on Wednesdays). She even called the Distribution Center to make sure they pulled the package and changed the address while I was on the phone. SuperMacDaddyKudos to FedEx!

Hopefully twelve, yellow, blossom-kisses arrived correctly this time...

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Score: 30/Love

February 13, 2001

Since I have basically gotten this site working like I want it to, for the most part, I figure I better keep posting updates. I mean, eventually someone is going to read them... maybe... hopefully. Of course, I am just hugely disappointed in all six of my faithful readers, none of whom has posted a Valentine's Day story. Nobody else has either though. *sigh* Where's all the romance? The hearts and flowers, the tales of unrequited (or better yet requited) love?

I thought I would share a few of the sites that I absolutely must read every day.

An Entirely Other Day - Greg Knauss' family humor
Harrumph - One of favorite non-verbal sayings
Vignettes - omigod!! Sassy NYC girl with attitude. She "drives the van"!
The Bradlands - Make sure you read not only the Must see HTTP:// but also The Daily Brad
Fluffy Battle Kitten - Besides one of the coolest domain names EVER, she's also very funny.

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Big Fish, Little Fish, Yahoo Fish, Google Fish

February 12, 2001

Wow. No, really, I mean "WOW!!". I read the newsgroup this morning from, as I often do and even posted a message about a friend's birthday. Then about two hours later, I go back to check it again and it's gone. No, not my post... the whole, DAMN Dejanews site! Evidently this morning acquired the rights to all of Deja's newsgroup and email accounts. This in and of itself is not so shocking. I mean it's the Law of Nature as well as the law of the internet that big companies will swallow up little companies to get bigger so they in turn can swallow up even bigger companies. I give you the recent acquiring of by, which was then eaten by

What I object to and what really chaffs my ass is the apparent lack of concern or regard for the enduser in all this. When Yahoo decided to snack on eGroups, at least they provided a way for the enduser to make the change over smoothly. Granted if you didn't already have a Yahoo email account, you had to create one, but at least they didn't completely fuck up the main point of their newly acquired service on the first day.

Yes, in my opinion that's exactly what Google has done. Sure you can search for messages in a given newsgroup, but it's presented in the same list format as any other websearch. No threading, no logical message grouping... just a huge, fourteen page list of message dating back to August of 2000. AND the messages that they do list... aren't even current. When I did my search on AFR, the latest message I got was from Sunday.... probably fifty messages behind what everyone else could see. AND they don't have a system in place to POST to the various newsgroups... HELLO?? You'd think someone would have thought to do that BEFORE slathering Deja with tartar sauce, topping it a yellow slice of processed cheese food, wrapping it in paper and sliding it down into a metal bin heated by lamps.*sigh* Oh well... I guess it's true that you get what you pay for.

Welcome to MacInternet. Would you like fries with that?

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It's all about the love, baby!

February 10, 2001

Greetings All and Sundry,

It's Update Teim again. We'll give you fair warning now though, this one is pretty long. But that's what happens when you don't update for a month. You can find the Clanchief's recent musings at (and post comments if you're of a mind). You can also keep up on daily (okay, sometimes weekly) thoughts by going to and clicking... well, nothing. We, the Ogres, finally told Master that his little pop-up window idea sucked toe fungus.

So go read it... you have no idea how long it takes to make sense out of some of his innane ramblings.

Sheep & swizzle sticks,

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Question of the Week:

February 9, 2001

What is the best Valentine's Day date/event/present/etc that has ever happened to you, been done by you or that you've heard about?

Share the love, baby, tell me a story!

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