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Wednesday, January 10, 2001


Well, that's what I would have screamed, but unfortunately the dentist's hands were in my mouth at the time with some sort of bright, crome-plated deviced most likely designed from dark, secret, medieval manuscripts. Um, you were aware that modern dentistry was started just after the Inquesition ended, weren't you? All those trained and approved torturers had to find *something* to do, didn't they?

Anyway, all I did was make a sort of high pitched "urgling" noise at the doctor that should have left no doubt as to my opinion regarding the wisdom of his present course of action. But....YANK!! Out they came. 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth recommend yanking to all their wisdom teeth friends.

So here I sit, exploring new realms of pain and writing to you, my loyal readers. Not quite as wise as I was yesterday, but I shall endeavor to go on... despite the pain... the agony... the...oh, nevermind. Cause you know, nothing's more important to me than your health, happiness and comfort.

Saaaay... is that a cavity you have there? Come here... I've got just the thing for it....

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